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Hercules Way Acupressure Massage Mat

Hercules Way Acupressure Massage Mat

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Conquer Stress and Body Pain

The Hercules Way Acupressure Massage Mat is the ultimate tool for conquering stress and body pain. Its strategically placed acupressure spikes target specific pressure points on the body, providing deep tissue relief and promoting relaxation. Step up your self-care game and unleash your inner Hercules. 

Unlock Your Body's Full Potential

The Hercules Way Acupressure Massage Mat features over 1,000 acupressure spikes that stimulate key pressure points throughout the body for increased circulation, relaxation, and pain relief.

Premium Materials for Ultimate Durability and Safety

Made with high-quality materials, including eco-friendly foam and non-toxic ABS plastic spikes, this massage mat is both durable and safe to use.

Unleash Relief Anywhere, Anytime

The compact and portable design makes it easy to use at home, in the office, or on the go. Thus, allowing you to relieve stress and tension anytime, anywhere.

Harness the Power to Enhance Sleep, Boost Energy, and Conquer Anxiety

The Hercules Way Acupressure Massage Mat can help improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, and increase energy levels. Making it a great addition to your daily wellness routine.

The Ultimate Tool for Achieving Peak Performance and Health

Whether you're an athlete looking to improve post-workout recovery, or someone who spends long hours sitting at a desk, this massage mat offers a natural and effective way to promote overall health and well-being.

Features and Use

The product is designed for short-term pressure relief and relaxation and is not recommended for prolonged use during sleep.

If you find the spikes uncomfortable on bare skin, consider placing a cloth or towel on the mat until you become accustomed to the sensation.

Cleaning Instructions: Hand Wash Only, use lukewarm water and Hang Dry.

Size: Mat approx. 64*41*2cm, measured by hand

        Pillow approx. 34*15*10cm, measure by hand

Package: Includes 1 mat+1 pillow+1 oxford bag

Material: 100%Cotton+sponge + plastic


Not suitable for children 5 and under.



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